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Flexible Pricing To Suit Your Organisation

During beta, Barometrics is free!

Below is our planned pricing for after the beta, subject to change! Barometrics will remain free until the end of September 2014.


for start ups and small companies

  • FREE
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Monthly emails only
  • Basic reporting
  • No employee tagging
  • Community support


for businesses and organizations

  • $1 per employee, per month
  • Up to 500 employees
  • Monthly or fortnightly emails
  • Basic reports
  • No employee tagging
  • Business hours support


for large companies

  • $2 per user, per month
  • Unlimited employees
  • Monthly, fortnightly or weekly emails
  • Advanced reports
  • Employee tagging
  • 24x7x365 support

Need even more?

  • We also offer enterprise plans for large companies with additional features such as ActiveDirectory or LDAP synchronisation or custom dashboards.

    Contact us for more details and a quotation.

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Love it long time

  • Love the service so much you just can't get enough? We also offer annual plans

    We offer discounts for annual plans, and additional payment options like invoice or cheque payments.

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Why we're much better than annual or biannual surveys


A lot less annoying for employees

Filling out copious numbers of surveys and detailed questions can get really painful for employees. Rather than long surveys, we just ask 5 minutes of time a fortnight or month.

As a result, you'll typically see far higher response rates from employees.


Track progress over time

Rather than having information only every six months or year, you can see changes in satisfaction down to a weekly level.

See and react to changes as they happen, rather than the impact on morale down the track.


Automatic segmented reporting

Not everyone has a degree in psychology or behavioural science. We do the reporting for you, and break results down using 'tags' to an individual location, business unit or other segment.

We do the analysis for you, so you can focus on improving morale and providing an awesome workplace.