How it works

Barometrics makes getting employee feedback easy.

1. Add your employees to Barometrics

Add your employees to Barometrics using our easy form.

All you need is their name and email, and you can optionally add tags to help you filter and segment results.

Import or edit via CSV if you prefer.

For large companies, we offer sync with ActiveDirectory or LDAP to keep your list up-to-date.

2. Setup your timing

Choose the right time and day to send your rating emails to employees. You can send them monthly (default), fortnightly or weekly.

Every organisation is different, so the frequency is up to you. It's important not to send too frequently or you'll lower your response rate, however more frequent ratings can be useful during key periods, such as during a restructure.

3. We email your employees

According to your settings, we send an email to all your employees asking them one simple question:

Thinking about all aspects of working at your organisation over the last month, how would you describe your level of happiness with your work?

Their answers are in a simple 1-5 scale using smiley faces. It's easy and simple to answer, and we ask the same question every time.

Not everyone lives behind a desk(top), so the email is mobile and tablet friendly.


4. They answer

With just one click, your employees provide feedback.
Afterwards, we ask them 3 more questions to collect additional details.

  • Employee Net Promoter Score, the industry standard question for employee satisfaction
  • A custom question, either one we provide or choose your own
  • Other comments, which might include an explanation for a rating, or suggestions

5. You analyse the results

Log into Barometrics and you will see the real-time results of every rating you receive.

For larger organisations, segment your employees using dynamic tags, so you can see the differences between locations, business units or any other category.

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And that's it! More features are being added every week.